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Hey it's Mitch! I've been with The Moose for over 5 years now and I'm LOVING it!! I am so blessed to get to do this! I began this crazy career after attending EMU and Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. I got my start in Flint-Town Baby! From there, I moved onto Detroit radio for a few years, And now I'm in Moose Country! 

I come from a big ole family...5 siblings all together and one is my identical twin sister! We are all super close!!

I also have a minor obsession with all the 'Rocky' movies! The order for me is 4,1,2,3,5 and Rocky Balboa! In general, I'm a HUGE 80's Movie buff! And 80's Music buff!  

But, country wise, I'm in LOVE with Keith Urban! But I also enjoy, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert and Tim Mcraw the most!


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EMAIL: mitch@945themoose.com


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