Adventures in living alone with Jodi K

I just moved into my own place. No kids, no pets…just me. This is the first time I’ve ever lived alone. It’s very exciting.

Day 2
I’m basically moving stuff into my new place 4 boxes at a time. I went back to my old place (my sons house ) and the first thing I see, my 5 year old granddaughter “Hi, grandma Jodi I’m gonna miss you!” She makes my heart melt. That was followed by “did you bring me a prize today?” Tip: Don’t start the tradition of bringing your grandchild a present (prize) every time you see them…they come to expect one EVERY SINGLE TIME. I happened to have one THIS TIME.
When I arrived at my new place everything was exactly how I left it…this will never get old!
I laid down for a quick nap…3 hours later…I woke up!

Night 2
No police presence tonight! I made dinner and invited my bff over (she lives next door) When I was a kid, I always dreamed of my bff living next door. I was lucky enough to have that growing up. Joyce when I lived with my mom and Michelle when I lived with my dad. I get to do this again as an adult…it’s awesome! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
After dinner I went to my storage unit to grab 2 of my 8 dining room chairs. I’m using my malibu to move this stuff so I can only grab 2 at a time. I have no furniture to put in my apartment because I gave it all to my kids. I basically have to start over. I’ll get there. I do have a king size bed, but won’t be able to move it in until the Moose Van is available on the 16th after 11am (it’s currently at Forwards on M-84 with an atv on a trailer attached to it for a giveaway) My bff was nice enough to let me use her awesome deluxe airbed until then…only one problem, her dad is coming into town this Friday and she’s gonna need that back while he’s here. I need to at least buy a couch and have it delivered by Friday. Maybe I can talk them into stopping and picking up my bed too!



Adventures in living alone THINGS I LEARNED THIS PAST WEEKEND APRIL 23, 2018 Jodi K