Adventures in living alone

I just moved into my own place. No kids, no pets…just me. This is the first time I’ve ever lived alone. It’s very exciting.

Day 1
I built a cabinet for the bathroom. I only had to take it apart twice and put it back together. The directions were not very helpful. The cabinet is up and I hope it stays. I also hope if it does collapse it won’t be in the middle of the night!
I went grocery shopping. I’ve never had the expierence of shopping for just myself. I’m very excited knowing that when I want something to eat or drink, it will always be there! No one will eat or drink it!
I ate my first meal alone. Macaroni and tomato juice. (I know it’s weird, but I like it) After it was done, I reached for a bowl and then put it back. Who’s there to judge me if I wanted to eat it right out of the pot? NO ONE. So, I added some pepper and grabbed a spoon. It was delicious! It tasted like freedom!

Night 1
9:30pm The cops are here! Why is this happening? Not for me. Bay County Sheriff and State. I was trying not to be the nosy neighbor but Cmon! I didn’t see anybody getting hauled out with silver bracelets, I think it was a medical call. I hope this isn’t a regular thing.
When I left this morning at 4:15am the house was spotless. I’m looking forward to coming back after work and it will be the same as I left it!

I should have done this a long time ago. So far, so good!



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