The City of Bay City is speaking up about an investigation into a former employee.

Mike Bacigalupo’s time as the city’s Special Event Coordinator was terminated November 1st of last year. According to a statement released by the City, in 2019 The State Theatre, where Bacigalupo served as executive director, approached the City about improvements to Wenonah Park. Later, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) announced a possible $900 thousand grant for the project, though funds were never issued, according to the statement. When City staff contacted MEDC, it was allegedly discovered that the grant’s recipient name had been changed from the City of Bay City to the State Theatre.

The ensuing investigation led to Bacigalupo’s termination with the City, and in the following weeks he was let go from positions at other organizations including the State Theatre.

The matter is still under investigation by the City’s Department of Public Safety and the FBI.