Bay City School trustees are getting ready to approve a tentative budget for the 20-19, 20-20 school year.
Superintendent Doctor Stephen Bigelow says the proposed $76.7 million budget will have an estimated 10% fund balance. Bigelow said the budget year ending June 30th will have an 11.36% fund balance of $8.71 million. The biggest part of the budget is salaries and benefits for the district’s employees. Trustees will consider final approval of the Bay City School budget next week.

The proposed budget is a guesstimate because the governor and state lawmakers have not reached an agreement on the K-12 budget. Bigelow said the budget to begin July 1st is predicted on the Bay City district, with 7,361 students, getting approximately $7,600 per pupil.

Bay City district trustees will consider supporting the Michigan Education Association and the American Federation of teachers rally in Lansing, June 18th, urging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and state lawmakers to adequately fund public education.