Birch Run Police are advising visitors of the 7-eleven in Birch Run to keep an eye on their bank accounts after Credit card skimmers were found on gas pumps. The 7-eleven at 8620 Main st. in Birch Run found credit card skimmers on pumps one and two according to the Birch Run Police Department’s Facebook page.

Credit card skimmers are readers placed over card readers on various machines such as gas pumps or A.T.M. machines. The skimmers are an identity theft tool and read the magnetic strip on a person’s credit or debit card, and can record a person’s PIN number on a compromised machine, which can then be used or sold to others.

Anyone who has visited the 7-eleven and finds any inconsistencies on their account or credit card bill on-or-after December 8th, 2018 are advised to contact the Birch Run Police department at 989-624-1113.