Bay City Commissioners will review presentations by three companies seeking to assume control of the city’s two bridges over the Saginaw River.

One bidder,  American Roads would renovate the city’s Independence Bridge and remove the Liberty Bridge. The company’s CEO Neal Belitsky  says the company would create two, new community parks where Liberty crosses the Saginaw River. Belitsky said his company’s survey did not show the Midland Street Business District losing business.

Another company, Kiewit , presented two options, $29.5 million to renovate both Liberty and Independence. The other option was $26 million to renovate the Independence span and remove the Liberty Bridge.

United Bridge Partners would renovate Liberty and build a new Independence Bridge on the west side of the current bridge. The new span would connect with today’s access roads. UBP declined to be specific about their costs.

The companies pledged to use local union contractors, buy as many supplies as possible, locally and pledged to keep tolls reasonable.

Ironically, during the bridge discussion at City Hall, Thursday evening, the Lafayette Bridge was closed to traffic after the bridge tender could not lower the span after an outbound freighter passed through the bridge.

Artist concept of park using Bay City’s former Liberty Bridge. (Courtesy of American Roads)