Consumers Energy has given the “all clear” to customers, ending its request to conserve natural gas effective at midnight Thursday. President and CEO Patti Poppe made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

A fire at the Ray Natural Gas Compressor Station in Macomb County reduced the amount of natural gas that could
be delivered to customers from underground storage. The site is where Consumers Energy stores natural gas until it is needed. The damaged compressor equipment combined with historically frigid temperatures prompted the company to ask customers to dial back their thermostats. Governor Gretchen Whitmer backed up that request, and a statewide alert was sent out on Wednesday night.

Repairs at the compressor station are ongoing and the fire’s cause is still being determined. Poppe thanked customers and businesses who complied with the request, saying “There is no doubt the gas reduction efforts by residents and businesses…played a key role in helping maintain natural gas flow in our distibution system at a time when it was critically needed.”