More jobs may be coming to the Midland area, after wholesale giant Costco announced it was submitting a site plan application to the city.

The Seattle-based company, known for selling food and household items in bulk, is looking to build a new  157,000 sq ft. warehouse, tire center, and gas station at the corner of Bay City rd. and Bay Midland line rd. near the Midland County Jail.

After this week’s City Council meeting, Council had a chance to talk about the positives the new business will bring to the area.

Mayor Maureen Donker said she’s excited for the nearly 200 full time jobs it could bring.

City Manager Brad Kaye says putting the business in Midland will give residents from all over the Great Lakes Bay Region access to something the area had been missing.

According to Costco’s website- Michigan has 15 locations, and the closest to Midland currently is more than 60 miles away in East Lansing.

Midland’s Planning Commission will be reviewing the site plan on October 22nd during a public hearing.