The Four Lakes Task Force is asking U.S. District Court of Eastern Michigan to dismiss lawsuits against Gladwin and Midland counties over restoring lake levels which were harmed after the failures of the Edenville and Sanford dams in May 2020.

The Huron Cove Association filed the lawsuits earlier this year after the task force imposed a special assessment on residents within certain boundaries of the Smallwood, Secord, Wixom, and Sanford lakes. That assessment and the special assessment district were approved by the Boards of Commissioners of both counties. The assessment will levy a $217 million tax over 40 years to those residents within the district to complete the construction and repairs of the dams and to restore the lakes.

Recently, the state rejected Huron Cove’s claims the special assessment was not valid. According to the Four Lakes Task Force, members of the Huron Cove Association don’t own any property within the special assessment district. Four Lakes Task Force filed the request on Tuesday. A date for the hearing is pending.