Aging infrastructure and an education system leaving much to be desired are two of the larger crises that Governor Gretchen Whitmer says Michigan needs to address immediately or the state will turn into a harder place to live or run a business.

During her first State of the State address Tuesday night she pointed to deteriorating roads, contaminated drinking water, and the major decline in childhood literacy- with Michigan ranking the worst among states measured each year. She says previous leaderships and generations have failed students in Michigan, and added that only 18 percent of roads in the state are considered in ‘good condition.’

Whitmer plans to start a 50-event, statewide tour titled the”Home for Opportunity Tour” in Grand Rapids, with a focus on fixing the roads and making sure the Michigan workforce is properly trained. Her first stop in the city Wednesday morning will be a breakfast with business leaders, followed by a tour of Grand Rapids Community College.

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist and other Cabinet members will be accompanying her at the events that will stretch into March, which is also when details on plans to help remedy the matters discussed in her address will likely be revealed following an initial budget proposal to state lawmakers.