It’s warmer today.  The Moose morning show has been putting off doing certain things because it has been so cold!

Now that it has warmed up a bit Jodi has decided it was a good time to put the old windshield wiper back on her car since the new one that was installed fell off somewhere on I-75!  Jodi has also decided its warm enough to go back to the place that installed them to have them put a new FREE one back on correctly this time!

Jim is waiting for at least 50 degrees before he’ll consider taking down his outdoor Christmas lights! Looks like his neighbors get to enjoy his lovely lights for a while!

55 days until Jim & Jodi’s Cabin Fever Reliever in Mexico…but who’s counting???!!! (Jodi K is)



High Valley talking about coming to Bay City for the 2nd annual Bay City Country Music Festival! Jimmy Allen asking to come see him in Bay City this summer!!! Blake Shelton surprises a fan playing his slot machine! MICHIGAN INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY JUNE 2018 JODI K WITH MOOSE BIGGEST NASCAR FAN WINNERS Cabin Fever Reliever 2018 Costa Mujeres Mexico In case you missed the Moose Morning Show calling the Blake Escape winner Kim Schuler