It is important for couples to keep the spark going through pregnancy.  Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn are doing just that, spending time to focus on their relationship before their child arrives this fall.  Kane tells People magazine that they’re spending as much time bonding before baby.

“[Our date nights] haven’t really changed,” Brown says. “She doesn’t drink anymore — she’s a wine girl and she can’t have any wine. But other than that, it hasn’t really changed.”

When they’re home, they have a regular spot in Music City they go to.  On the road, they use the tour routing to experience fun activities across America.

“If there’s a cool go-kart track, we’ll go ride go-karts. We like to see movies and go out to eat. Depending on if there’s something iconic in the city, we’ll go check it out,” Brown explains.

They’re also nesting and prepping for their daughter’s arrival.  They’ve been busy crafting a nursery, getting car seats and studying up on being a parent.

“I’ve got my daddy books because I need to read before she gets here,” Brown says.

Kane is also busy creating new music too. “We’re working on music right now, and we’re gonna try and get some more music out as quickly as possible and just see what happens,” he shares.

He recently dropped a new track, “Like A Rodeo.” You can listen to it here: