Blue Chair/Warner Music NashvilleKenny Chesney‘s new single, “Tip of My Tongue,” won’t be out until Friday morning at 6 a.m. ET.  But the superstar from East Tennessee is teasing the song he wrote with pop superstar Ed Sheeran by revealing that it definitely comes from a personal place.

“I had the idea written down for a while,” Kenny explains, “but didn’t really know where to take it, you know. ‘Cause it is an authentic story in my life and an idea in my life about connection.”

“And it took us — I don’t know — a couple of hours,” he continues, “and once we got into the idea of the song and started exploring, the song in a lot of ways wrote itself. It really did.”

The “Get Along” hitmaker only has good things to say about the time he spent with the British phenomenon, along with his own frequent collaborator, Ross Copperman.

“It was just such a fun writing session with two guys that I really respect,” Kenny adds. “It’s always good to write with people that you don’t necessarily write with all the time.”

“Ed and I had never written together,” he points out. “You know, we have a lot of similarities in our life and what we do for a living, but we never sat down in a room together to write a song, and ‘Tip of My Tongue’ is the end result.”

“Tip of My Tongue” is the lead single from Kenny’s follow-up to last year’s Songs for the Saints album.

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