Flint Congressman Dan Kildee says the federal government needs to look into the future. Kildee tells Bay County Democrats, Sunday, short term vision leads to bad choices in economic, environmental and education policy. Kildee said Congress should look beyond the present and the next generation before making policy decisions.

Kildee is also proposing changes in the Social Security program. His plan would call for additional taxes for people earning more than $400,000 a year. Kildee wants cost of living increases for seniors be based on what products senior citizens need to survive.

While Kildee hopes for the best as President Trump meets with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, he feels Trump has his blinders on and does not recognize the danger the communist nation presents to U. S. security.

With the 2020 Presidential election more than a year away, Michigan’s 5th District Congressman Dan Kildee is calling for Democratic Party unity. He expects with at least a dozen potential candidates, the party will have a lively debate. Kildee feels any of the current Democrats announcing plans to run would be better than the current White House resident.