A local veterinarian received a Congratulatory Certificate from the Michigan Legislation. Dr. Tina Roggenbeck and the nonprofit wing of her Veterinary Health Center, Angels Among Us, were presented with an award on Monday September 16. Representative Rodney Wakeman gave Dr. Roggenbeck and her staff a Congratulatory Certificate for her selfless donations of time, services and money to Saginaw County. Angels Among Us have donated over 500,000 dollars in services to Saginaw County Through free trap-neuter-return (TNR) spray and neuter, free dog vaccines and their animal shelter. Since Dr. Roggenbeck started the very first TNR program in Saginaw County, she has fixed over two thousand unowned community cats. In 2016, Dr. Roggenbeck was named America’s Favorite Vet by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation in a United States wide contest.