Timothy Smith, center (photo by Michael Percha)

Greater Michigan Oral Surgeons and Dental Implant Center in Kochville Township has awarded a man a full dental makeover.

The makeover is part of the office’s Second Chance program, a yearly award to people with poor dental health. The procedure replaces most to all of a person’s teeth with dental implants, costing in the neighborhood of $50,000-80,000.

In its fourth year, this year’s recipient is 31-year-old Timothy Smith, a kidney dialysis technician. Smith says the prize is like winning the lottery.

“I’ve never won the lottery but, I mean, that’s the way I could explain it because if I did, this would be the first thing that I would do. It’s amazing and I’m very grateful. I really appreciate everything these guys are doing for me.”

The procedure will take between six-eight months. Previous Second Chance recipients are Michael Streeter, Erin Sage and Dawn Ludwig.