Arenac County, MI (1/8/2019)–Kaitlyn Leonard was fifteen when she disappeared from her home in Sterling last May. A phone call home was all it took for her to help her mother and law enforcement officials locate her. She was finally found safe Monday night in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Police had received a tip in August that Kaitlyn had been in Rusk County, Texas, but her call is what helped officials pinpoint her. The now-sixteen year old Leonard had gone missing the night of May 20th, 2018, but her cellphone had been left at home so it was assumed to be a runaway situation. As of June, investigators were prepared for a worst-case scenario, but had not believed she had been trafficked or kidnapped.

Investigators plan to interview her when she returns to determine exactly how she disappeared. Her Mother, Kristi, posted on Facebook thanking everyone who had shared her message to find her daughter. She said she was “Beyond excited” and could not describe the happiness she feels in her heart knowing Kaitlyn is safe and in good spirits.

According to the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office, as of Tuesday, Kaitlin is already in the process of returning home.