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It has been my pleasure to be on 94.5 The Moose since August 28, 2001!  This is my first radio gig.  I was a karaoke host/dj for Jay Samborn Entertainment Company out of Bay City when I was asked to be on the Moose.  It took some convincing for me to take this job, because I turned the offer down.  I’m so glad I changed my mind! It wasn’t easy when I started and I really had to prove myself to others who had been in this business.  I’ve worked very hard to get where I am and I can’t imagine doing anything else now!  Radio is now in my blood.  I love everything about radio, and I learn something new everyday even after all this time!

I have 4 children and a few grandchildren who are my entire world!  Family is ALWAYS first in my life.

I have 3 simple rules I live by everyday;

As long as I follow these rules I should be here a long time playing your favorite country artists and songs!


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