Now going into the second week of the United Auto Workers Strike against General Motors, Saginaw workers and supporters are still picketing outside the Casting plant on Washington Ave.

Saginaw City council recognized the efforts of the workers at this week’s meeting.

Councilmen Clint Bryant and Michael Balls said during the meeting that they support the causes of the workers after the experiences they’ve both had as union members in the past.

Workers at the GM Metal casting plant are hoping negotiations get done soon; Drivers passing by have been honking their horns, bringing food, and providing firewood warmth as support.

Saginaw’s GM Metal Casting Plant on Washington Ave. (Photo credit- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

Some picketing employees outside the plant that were willing to comment said even when they were working, their Temp status often prevented them from getting loans and mortgages- even though they were working the same hours as many full time employees. 

One Temp worker, named Brad, said he had been with GM at the Saginaw plant for 4 years but continued to only get 3 days vacation for an entire year’s work, was not allowed sick or Bereavement time, and recieved lesser forms of health and dental insurances than full-time employees.

He said he was glad that the Saginaw Community has been as incredibly supportive as it has been, and thanks fellow employees who have been with the company for decades for standing by Temp-workers and new-hires who are getting sub-par treatment.

Plant workers taking turns picketing at the entrances to the plant were then joined by Councilman Balls, who shared with them his family’s UAW history and told them they aren’t just fighting for a better deal for themselves- they’re setting a standard for future employees.