Peggy Rowley Is Being Remembered For Outstanding Community Service

It may have been a memorial service for Peggy Rowley, but there was more laughter than tears. The 88-year-old Rowley was well known for seeking donations for projects like the Riverwalk, Friends of the State Theatre and the Friendship Ring Fountain.

Messiah Lutheran Pastor Andreas Teich told nearly 600 people in the State Theatre of a time Rowley was in a local restaurant. While she was in the salad bar line a man walked up and put money in her bowl. When asked, the man said you’ll get the money some day in the future anyway.

Rowley was also a key factor in the creation of the Bay Area Community Foundation. Saginaw attorney Eugene Mossner was a Bay City Junior College classmate in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Mossner said Sunday’s, January 5 memorial service was a well deserved tribute.

While her son Mike appreciates the accolades, he says many others helped her make this a better community.

Rowley passed away on New Year’s Eve.

A nature center in the Bay City State Park was another of Peg Rowley’s pet projects.
Bay City’s State Theatre paid a tribute to a woman who led an effort to save the theatre.

WSGW News photos by Bill Hewitt