Hundreds of community members gathered July  4th 2024 to assist in the raising of the American Flag over the Court Street bridge.  The hoisting of the 80-by-50-foot flag is the first event of Mid-Michigan’s largest Independence Day firework display and celebration.

July 4th volunteers

Thomas Roy, president of Saginaw Area Fireworks calls this event “The best show in Mid- Michigan!”

The bridge was closed for the day for pedestrians to walk over and volunteer their help and support as the flag was raised. Saginaw Area Fireworks committee and volunteers shuttled to the bridge but also to the Shine Bright Project to view the newly finished mural, The Evolution of Language by artist Okuda San Miguel.  The flag was lowered at 4:00pm.

Court Street Bridge on July 4th, Photo by Maria Kleesattel

More information about Saginaw Area Fireworks can be found here.

Unrolling of the American Flag
American Flag, July 4th 2024 Photo by, Alex Clark