Saginaw City Council presented the 2019 Fiscal Year Annual Audit at the last meeting of the year 2019. CPA Jamie L. Rivette, YEO CPA’s and other Business Consultants revealed the 2019 Fiscal Year Audit of the city of Saginaw. The Audit reviewed the cities general fund revenue and the Total expense of the General Funds of June 30th 2018 through June 30th of 2019. The City of Saginaw’s general fund revenue was over 37.7 million dollars. The city’s general fund revenue has increased by over seven million dollars since the year 2014. The city of Saginaw also had their total expense of the general funds go over 34.1 million dollars. That is a 2.5 million dollar increase from last year.

Saginaw City Council also approved the authorization to extend the cities Master Plan. The Master Plan was adopted in in 2011 and reviewed by the Municipal League, The City planning Commission and Michigan State University. The Master Plan will now go until December 1st 2020. The action items and goals of the current Master Plan to move forward to completion while the current plan is extended.