The Saginaw Club has hosted another successful toast to the office of the President. Whether you agree with the person behind the desk in Washington or not, the Saginaw club has been hosting a toast to the Office of the president for the last 106 years. Every year the keynote speaker is a surprise guest who speaks on the history of the toast. After an introduction by WSGW’s Art Lewis, the presentation this year was delivered by local Attorney Thomas A. Basil, Jr.. Basil discussed the very beginning of the toast and the involvement of Presidents Taft and Woodrow Wilson. The Tradition of the toast was one questioned, with Women’s voting rights and old medical practices mentioned as challenges of the time, as well as how distinguished Saginaw really is despite modern day challenges.  The toast is delivered every year at noon on New Years Day.  Today’s remarks ran less than 15 minutes and it was among the shortest addresses in recent years.

(Ric Antonio and Dave Maurer)