Nearly 200-people from across the area and state gathered, Sunday, to honor a long time civil rights advocate. The NAACP paid tribute to Leola Wilson as she stepped down after 20-years as president of the organization’s Saginaw Branch.

She calls an open enrollment policy in the Saginaw School District as one of the major changes during her tenure. Mrs Wilson also urged Saginaw’s major employers to have a work force reflecting the entire community. Mrs Wilson will continue efforts to ensure students get the training they need to hold jobs in the future economy.

Among her other accomplishments is an anti housing discrimination ordinance in the city of Saginaw and fighting the practice of redlining financing opportunities for minority home buyers.

While she is no longer the branch leader, she remains on the board and believes her successor, Terry Pruitt, will do a great job as president. Pruitt looks forward to the challenge, admitting he has a big foot print to follow.

As the Saginaw NAACP Branch celebrates its centennial year, in 2019, Mrs. Wilson has been with the branch for     50-years.

This display includes a small number of awards Leola Wilson has received over her 50 years with the NAACP.
Saginaw County District Court Judge M. Randall Jurrens congratulates Leola Wilson.