Bones found in southwestern Saginaw County roughly a year ago indicate someone died from blunt force trauma and could have been  left at the site for one to five years.

Sheriff William Federspiel  says a man checking his trail cameras in August of 2018 in the 14,800
block of South Chapin Road discovered a boot plus bones including part of a lower jaw. The remains were delivered to the University of Michigan Department of Anthropology. Researchers there  determined the individual was a white or Hispanic male 25 to 55 who stood between Five-Two  and Five-10.

Federspiel called the trauma severe, especially to the head and torso with lots of broken bones. The death is considered suspicious, but has NOT been ruled a homicide yet.

The bones have been sent to a D-N-A lab in Fort Worth,  Texas as Sheriff’s Detectives comb through missing persons reports to determine an identity.