The Saginaw County Department of Public Health is hoping to change some views.

Re-branding the department as the ‘Saginaw County Health Department’, Director and health officer Christina Harrington says the name is simply easier and quicker to say.  The change is seen as a way for patients, partners, and the public to better understand the purpose of the group, and the passion they hold to protect the community’s health.

The Health department is also beginning a new partnership with Central Michigan university health, by bringing in Medical Director Najibah Rehman (M.D., M.P.H). Harrington  says Dr. Rehman will split time with the department and the university- using her leadership to help patients in Saginaw county, while still giving CMU students valuable experience in public health.

Rehman was born in Bay City, raised in Midland, and says her religious community was based in Saginaw before going away to school in Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Detroit. When asked on how it felt to be back, she said it was an easy choice and she has a positive outlook on re-joining the Saginaw County Health Department & Saginaw community.