Newly elected Saginaw County Commission Chairman Michael Webster wants citizens to know about the county.
He has a goal to use the county’s best ambassadors, its employees, whom residents see every day.
If employees are valued, their pride in a job well done, is a good sign.

Webster said the county is on the move, noting many new developments in the City of Saginaw and progress towards a new county jail under construction. Webster said his three step plan, build, grow and prosper, will focus on more economic development.
Webster was the unanimous choice of his colleagues during Tuesday’s organizational meeting for the new two year term of the board. Commissioner Carl Ruth will be the vice-chairman and the board welcomed its newest member, Sheldon Matthews. He represents Spaulding and James Townships, plus part of the City of Saginaw and Saginaw Township. Matthews replaced Susan McInerney who did not seek reelection.

The newest Saginaw County Commissioner Sheldon Matthews. (WSGW News photo by Bill Hewitt)