Saginaw is another step closer towards opting out of recreational marijuana sales.

After a heated discussion on recreational marijuana led Saginaw City Council to vote to extend the issue’s moratorium period July 22, they met this week to introduce an official ordinance.

Labeled Chapter 1-1-8, or the“Prohibition of Marijuana establishments and facilities,” the ordinance was introduced Monday, August 5 to keep businesses in Saginaw from selling the drug while council weighs its options during the extension.

The 12-month period gives council time to see how legal proceedings unroll statewide, and how pot will be affecting cities that have already adopted it.

Mayor Floyd Kloc said if the ordinance is approved next meeting, it includes a “Sunset-provision”- forcing council to take action within the 12 month period.

If no action is taken, the ordinance dies; removing itself from the business regulation, removing any prohibitions tied to it.