A new officer has joined the Saginaw Police Department, and couldn’t wag his tail fast enough to show his excitement. Nvee is the Saginaw police department’s most recent four-legged addition. The Belgian Malinois joins as another K-9 partner, Canjo, retires to live at home with his trainer, Officer Doug Stacer.

Nvee was originally born in Pennsylvania and raised in Ohio. He joins the force after a nearly 5-week training course, where he learned how to detect narcotics, search for suspects or missing persons and to protect his handler.

Nvee was sworn in, and even put an inked paw print on his certificate during Monday’s Saginaw City Council meeting. After making his rounds to get some head-scratches from council members, Nvee went back to Officer Stacer, who said the K-9 is a highly-trained officer and plays an important role in the city’s crime enforcement.

The Saginaw Police Department received the donation of the new police dog from the Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association with help from the Nickless Foundation and the Wickson-Link Foundation.

Nvee greets Saginaw City Council members (photo by Ric Antonio)