Parents and community members were invited by the Saginaw public school board and Superintendent to participate in a new strategic planning process.

Community input was split  into several groups across the course of a day, and across several scheduled meetings.

PHOTO: Deb Macon, from the Michigan Association of School Boards (Credit- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

The Saginaw School board plans to make community involvement a larger factor in the school’s planning process, and Parents got a chance to meet at Thompson Middle school with Deb Macon, from the Michigan association of school boards.

At the meetings yesterday, Macon introduced the several-step course of action the school hopes to take.

The plans involve additional input from a 40-person panel of community members made up of parents, area business leaders, staff, and others deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

Macon adds this is important so views of what direction the schools need to take can be seen from various angles.

PHOTO: Visualization of the plans the Saginaw School Board and MASB plan to work with (Credit- Ric Antonio; WSGW)

The Saginaw School Board will be working with Macon over the course of the next 6 months while input is gathered from parents and the community on what the schools are already doing right, and what matters the district needs to improve on.

An online survey has been started by the district for anyone who was not able to attend this week’s meetings.

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