The Saginaw township police have Partnered with the RING corporation to help residents stay aware of their surroundings and suspicious activity in the community. 

More commonly known for security and doorbell products, he RING corporation launched a community app and website in May 2018 allowing police departments and the residents they serve to share videos of community observations.  The Saginaw township police department is now the first department in Michigan to officially partner with RING. Police Chief Don Pussehl says the app is a good way to stay connected, and shared video clips that residents have already begun to submit. 

RING allows citizens to upload clips whether they own a RING product or not, and users can send and receive alerts for issues they’ve captured. Saginaw Township police still advise that anyone observing a crime in progress call 9-1-1 for the quickest response by patrol officers.


You can download the Neighbors app for FREE in the iOS or Android App stores or texting “saginawtwp” to 555888, and can join the digital neighborhood watch at:


The Saginaw Township Police department also said they have received five RING Doorbell cameras which will be given away to eligible members at random, and for every 20 people who enroll in Saginaw Township, RING will supply an additional doorbell for the department to give away. More information is provided on this at the Saginaw Twp. PD Facebook page: