(photo by Michael Percha)

The Saginaw branch of the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) is in some new digs.

The agency in Saginaw was in danger of being shuttered a couple years ago as the state wanted to consolidate its offices to Lansing or Grand Rapids, meaning about 100 employees would have either needed to relocate or find new jobs. However, some of those employees reached out to the city for help. Working with economic development agencies and state elected officials, the agency was moved to 515 N. Washington Ave. in Saginaw, in the Commerce Tower building, or Wickes building. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Wednesday, January 16 to celebrate the move.

Saginaw Mayor Floyd Kloc says the city was happy to provide the assistance.

“The fact they came to us gave us that opportunity to reach out. Without that, it may have not happened. Because, quite frankly, if you don’t know about it, you can’t pursue it… We’re happy to see it here today.”

The newly renovated, seven story building is also the home of Saginaw Future and the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. The Saginaw UIA serves a large portion of eastern Michigan.