Short thoughts with Jodi K ~episode 4 It’s my moms fault!


This might explain a little bit of why I am the way I am.

I love Halloween but strongly dislike horror movies

Let me just start with, I had an amazing childhood and my mother was the best mother a kid could have, but she had one major flaw in the mom department.

I do not like Horror movies, and my mother is the reason why:

My mother took my brother and I to see THE EXCORCIST…I was 6, Chris Allen was 5!

She took us to see “IT’S ALIVE” I was 7, my brother 6! My brother has a very vivid memory of seeing this particular movie because my mom kept grabbing his arm every time she got scared.  He did forget one thing, I WAS THERE AND SHE DID THAT TO ME TOO! I remember going outside after the movie was over, it was dark and she rushed us to the car saying there were too many hiding spots for baby monsters! (google IT’S ALIVE)

We lived  close to the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota Florida every winter and my mother took me and my brother to see JAWS!  I was 8, my brother was 7! I was terrified to swim in the ocean, and even the pool!

She took my brother and I to see THE OMEN at a Drive In… in Flint, I was 9, Chris Allen was 8!


To this day, I can’t watch any of these movies!

I love Stephen King and the movie “IT” but not for the clown!  I love it for the story of the kids (read the book) “IT” is the ONLY horror movie I’ve actually watched as an adult.  Not the mini-series, the feature films.  Parts 1 & 2.  BTW, Pennywise The Dancing Clown is not the scariest thing in Part 2!  Let’s just say that I will never get in the vicinity of a Paul Bunyon Statue   EVER.  PERIOD.  END OF STORY.

My mother made me afraid of Ouija Boards and Horoscopes.  Horoscopes are a form of Satanism (did you know that?)  lol

My mother indulged me in my love of the band KISS she bought me albums, lunch boxes, and even Ace Frehley Moon Boots! Some of the parents in the neighborhood wouldn’t let their kids come over because they thought KISS was Satanic! Not my mom, it was horoscopes!  Sometime in her childhood her grandmother (Granny) told her that horoscopes were the DEVIL! She was nice enough to pass that on to me. I don’t think I passed that on to my kids, but I would NEVER let them bring an Ouija Board into my home.

This was also the woman who left us in the old play room at The Pierson Rd Meijer in Flint.  If you are old enough to remember this, you survived!  Let me explain.  Meijer was the place you went to get ice cream, groceries, and get your hair cut!  Parents dropped off their kids at this type of play center in the middle of the store.  I would describe it as a Gazebo type area… all open, carpeted, with big hard plastic animals to climb on.  When mom came to collect us after she was done shopping or getting her haircut, someone was always bleeding and their clothes were ripped up.  I swear to god, it was like a WWE Cage match! Good times were had!  It was great until the time she went home short one kid around Halloween time!  My brother never forgot!

Halloween was her holiday!  She was an expert seamstress and loved to make our costumes. I won the school costume contest in the 2nd grade for the butterfly costume she made me! I saw her hand sew sequins, one at a time onto the top of the butterfly suit!  She made my little sister an “ET” costume one year that was adjustable.  My sister wore it to school then my mom adjusted it so she could wear it to the bar that night!  She was a genius at Halloween!  One year she read something in a magazine where you could use Crisco oil and cocoa powder for face make up! Guess who got to be the guinea pig on that?????  That was fun…NOT!  To this day, I have no idea what I was supposed to be that Halloween but she was so proud! I just went with it because it made her happy and I loved her.

My mother was a saint, she was the best mother a kid could have, but she seriously messed me up with this horror obsession, but dang she made Halloween fun! Halloween was her time to shine!  I remember her last 2 Halloweens.  1998 she worked at a bar and she wore wings and antennas with a white T-shirt that read “bar fly”. 1999 She was serving drinks wearing a white trash bag with the words “White Birch White Trash” She lived in White Birch, a gated community in Farwell with 5 lakes and a building with a pool open 365 days a year!  She had a wicked sense of humor.

And my kids think I’m “extra” THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT EXTRA IS!  I’m a quarter Extra compared to my mother!

I did not get the gene of loving horror flicks and loving scary things, or leave my children unattended at Meijer!  I’m quite the opposite.  I may look like my mother, but I am my father’s child!

For the record, at my dad’s house…nothing stronger than a G rating!