Episode 7-25 random things about me

I saw an old note on my Facebook page about this topic, I just updated it, a lot has changed since I posted that on January 24, 2009.

*I’m spilling some serious Tea here, so there will be about 5 people who will be upset. Sorry, but this is my story.

1.I was born 9 months after my parents were married…..I’m a honeymoon baby.  Someone in my past used to say “your mom was pregnant before your parents were married”  Um; my parents were married June 25, 1966.  I was born March 30, 1967.  That’s 9 months and 5 days.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally possible, but no way my mother could have known.

2.My parents were divorced when I was 3 and then got back together when I was 30. That was such a weird time in my life. They had basically reversed roles.  My dad stopped drinking and my mother started…weird.    I was DJ-ing a wedding and my dad was there (without his wife) and my mom walked in with this black beaded dress with major cleavage (no husband in sight) my dad walked up to her and kissed her on the mouth!!  I was like “What is happening?” my brother then says to me “hey, I forgot to tell you something, mom and dad are having an affair!!”  WHAT?!  I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face at that moment!  They were together for a couple years then I think he got tired of driving her and her crazy friends around…lol she went back to her husband.  I know, it’s crazy but it’s true.  I could write a book on my crazy parents.

(The actual night I figured out my parents were seeing each other!)

3.My dad was an alcoholic and it took a tragic event for him to stop.  His sister was murdered by her drunken boyfriend.  My dad was sober for almost 40 years after that. He died sober. I was very proud of that.  This might be the reason why I’m not a heavy drinker.

4.I almost lost my dad on St Patrick’s Day 2008……his heart stopped for at least 45 minutes.  The Drs and Nurses didn’t give up thank god!  I swore to god that night if he survived, I would cherish every day I had with him.  He lived for 8 more years!  I am very thankful for that!  St. Patrick’s Day was our day.  I always called him on that day and reminded him how grateful I was that he was still alive.  The day he died I was sad but I was prepared and I felt grateful that I had him for those extra years!  How and where he died is another story.  Crazy old man.  Let’s just say he died somewhere no one expected him to be!  My cousin called when he found out and called my dad his hero!  Again, crazy old man!  I’m sure my mom was waiting for him at the pearly gates laughing hysterically!!!

(me and dad)

5.I was named after my maternal Grandmother, Gloria Joann… mother said people called her Jodi……but my grandpa Murray said he didn’t remember anybody calling her Jodi, and he was married to her ????  For years I didn’t know what the truth was but about a year ago my Aunt Linda sent me definitive proof!  I also didn’t know she died in Memphis and was only 41! On a side note, before my grandmother left for this trip, she left a birthday card for my 3rd birthday.  I still have it.


6.From the ages of 3 to 14 I spent every winter in Sarasota Florida.  We always had Thanksgiving then the next day we would celebrate Christmas with extended family and the day after we left for Florida.  We came back after my birthday which is March 30th.  I thought everyone went to Florida for the winter.  I was shocked when I realized my friends didn’t go to Florida.  This was my normal. I also thought that Santa drove a golf cart until I was about 9. The reason we went to Florida every year was because not only was my stepfather a DJ.  He was a Semi Pro Golfer.  You can’t golf in the winter in Michigan.

7.The elementary school I went to while I lived in Florida was named Fruitville Elementary School…..I know, that explains a lot!!!

8.When I was in the third grade, I won a first place blue ribbon in the Sarasota County fair for an art project about dentistry. I also won $15.

9.The worst day of my life was December 26, 1999 and I haven’t been the same since. My mother suddenly died from Pneumonia at the age of 51.  She wasn’t properly cared for at a hospital because it was Christmas.  Yes, there was a lawsuit, and yes we won.  My baby sister was insistent on suing the hospital…we didn’t want to hear it; it wasn’t going to bring her back.  When my stepfather saw the proof that she was neglected, it would have been wrong not to make them pay.  IT WAS SO CLEAR. I felt so guilty getting that money, but our lawyer made it clear to us that my mother would have wanted us to have it.

I’ve only had my heart break once, and that was on this day.  I survived.  I always say losing someone close to you will make you, or it will break you.  It broke me for a while, but ultimately I think it made me.   I don’t want to let her down.  I still get upset that she never got to see my radio career.  She would have been so extra about it!  She was already extra about my previous job.  She would tell people “my daughter is a singer, sing them something Jo” I wasn’t a singer; I was a karaoke host/dj.  She was something.

10.In my first year in radio I almost quit twice……the first time was on 9/11. (2 weeks into this job)

11.My grandfather nicknamed me Jodi bear….and my family still calls me that (I don’t mind….it keeps his memory alive) I think I covered that in a previous blog.

12.I went to the same high school as film director Michael Moore…..years apart of course. Davison High School..GO CARDS!

13.My former stepfather is in the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame…..he was a dj. That still blows my mind. I wish I would have paid more attention to him.

14.When I was in the 6th grade I was voted the best dancer in the school (Hoover Elementary in Flint)

15.I turned down this radio gig. I was pestered until I took the job.  SO GLAD FOR MY FRIENDS WHO TALKED ME INTO THIS JOB!!!  You know who you are.

16.I get asked all the time “Do you like your job?”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I love this job!

17.I have met so many country stars.  There are only 2 that weren’t nice.  1 of the mean ones I met twice so I know for certain that he’s a jerk.  You’ll have to ask me if you see me.

18.On June 8, 1953 my parents survived the deadliest Michigan tornado in history that killed 116 people in their little town of Beecher

19.My dad was the luckiest person I knew…in one month he won a turkey…..$500……and a car!!!! He won another car a year later! Oh, and he was lucky enough to have an awesome daughter!!

20.My best friend in high school…..was almost killed in a car accident…. She had a full cheer leading scholarship…..and never got to use it…….she was never the same again

21. In 2006 while vacationing in Key West for my cousins wedding I took a phone call from my sister that I’ll never forget.  She informed me that it was possible that my dad could possibly be her biological father! (She is my half sister) I remember having to sit down and looking at my father who had his feet in the ocean looking out and I was thinking “my whole life is a lie”  Apparently, my parents had more than 1 affair.  My aunt was sitting next to me when I took this call and said “your grandmother always thought that Robin (my sister) was your dads child!  What????!!!  Later when I asked my dad if Robin could be his, he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say “I don’t know”!!!  I have witnesses!  He also said, don’t tell my wife.  My sister refuses to get a DNA test.  She’s my sister no matter what, 1/2 or whole.  I really believe that my stepfather Jimmy Collins is her father….she is just like him!

22.When I was 12 years old I was sure I was going to be a singer when I grew up. Our pool table in the garage was a stage and I made my friends my backup singers….we practiced after school every day….I’m reminded of that when I hear the songs “love will keep us together” or “silly love songs”

23.My last boss told me I would come crawling back after 3 months on the radio…….uh; it’s been 18 years now!

24.I have never had a broken bone or ever had stitches.  I did get workman’s comp once!  Something fell out of the Moose Truck onto my foot!  No stitches, no broken bones, but I needed crutches.

25. I’ve had 6 morning show partners in 18 years.  Keith Kelly, T-Bird, Bud Ford, Jim Biggins, Jim Bosh, and Jim Biggins.  (Biggins was fired 2 weeks in the first time so I count him twice)