Short Thoughts With Jodi K Things I learned/heard on Vacation with the girls to Orlando July 2021 episode 9

Are you getting all the muffins (muffins replaces the word lovins in Ann’s family)

Jenny Turner made a sweeping declaration that Day Drinking is fun in the Detroit Airport!!!

Planes can circle for 45 minutes until they have to land to get extra fuel


Clare will never have to worry about being responsible for booking hotel rooms for her team again

PUSH THE BUTTON!!!! (There was a loud alarm that went off everytime you opened the sliding glass door at our condo.  If you didn’t push the button first, it went off)

Maybe being nice just ain’t for some people.

RESTROOMS signs are confusing for Michelle

Your left foot is good enough for a designated driver according to Clare


You can get toasted buns on hot cement

Dani will just sleep with the boys

The gate is not a laser beam please stop

Shes a giant…what is she 5 6?

You no good Nick!


Synchronized hair flipping

Burt Reynolds died in 2018 not today Ann

Andrea studied abroad and Dani studied a dude

Pool time is over when Michelle’s top falls off

Meet at the tinker toys at 10:30

Ashley can cry on cue for a hotel room

The 7 dwarfs makes a great souvenir for your husband because it represents all your personalities

I scream like I’ve been bitten by a shark if a pool floatie touches me


Snake or hair extension