Short Thoughts With Jodi K~Episode 3


Episode 3

Summer is gone, no note, no money left on the dresser…just gone!

Summer was a complete blurr and I can’t believe it’s already gone! I started out this summer with big plans, I was too busy to do most of them! My neighbors look shocked when they see me, they probably think I moved.

My summer went something like this:

~Trained a new guy at work (Josh Sharrow)
~Attended 9 concerts (I know, 1st world problems)
~50+ hours live on location remote broadcasts
~Hauled around a Sea Doo, (learned how to hook up a Sea Doo to a hitch)
~5 Big on site station promotions
~Approx. 70 hours of time for charity and charity events (should be more)
~Birth of a grandson
~5 Doctor visits for myself, children and grandchildren
~3 days hospital time for a kid
~5 birthday parties
~Approx. 30 hours of alone time with grand kids (babysitting & adventures)
~ Laid on my boyfriends couch a lot
~Bar nights (and some days) with friends
~I won an award ,Greatest of The Great Lakes Bay Region! 2nd place for Radio personality! My Arch nemesis Art Lewis got first place and doesn’t let me forget it!
~Date nights at Tri City Motor Speedway and local restaurants
~Spent time with my extended family on July 4th in Clio, then waded in water at the Fourth of July Fest in Bay City
~Hours of emptying Moose New Country Ale beer cans
~Help to put on a car show
~Broke the Moose Van
~Attended 2 wedding receptions and unfortunately 3 funerals. (I’d like to cut those funerals down to 0 next year please)

All of this and I still feel I didn’t get anything accomplished.  I didn’t get any soft serve ice cream (okay 1 baby cone, but that don’t count), no bicycle ride, no beach day, no pool day, no boat ride, no camping, and no bonfire BUT it was still a great summer!

I did manage to make some new friends that I probably won’t have time to hang out with next summer!

Shout out to my man for standing by me all summer!  Sure he was there for all the concerts, but he was also there for 95% of the station promotions and live broadcasts! Joe carried things, and can put up a 12 foot inflatable moose like a pro! He makes sure I’m hydrated and fed! (TRUE STORY) He also survived me quitting smoking!(You know I had to mention that) Having him this summer made my life sooooo much easier.  I could go on and on about how awesome he is (and he would love that)

I’m sorry if I missed your event or didn’t get to hang out with you this summer…I’ll try to do better next summer!

What does fall look like? Will it slow down? My guess… NO