Short Thoughts With Jodi K~episode 8~standing in for my blog this week, is Joe Moore (my man)

So, I’ve been so busy with stuff at work this week (and starting up another business) that I didn’t have time to blog! I blame Garth Brooks. Craziness this week.

I apologized on Fb that I didn’t have time to write a blog and the first one to respond was my close friend ( now co worker) Josh Sharrow being a smartass saying ..”Im sure theres a line of people waiting. 🙄”  That’s our relationship.  And he’s a jackass!  Lol

My man sent me an email saying he did my blog for me….what?  I just got home (its 6:30pm) and as I sit down to read this email I just start crying!!  

Here is my blog this week written by my man:

Who is Jodi K?

Since Jodi has been busy I thought I would take a shot at telling you a little bit about the lady, the Mom, the Grandma, the friend, and the girlfriend that you know of as Jodi K.

The idea came to me when a coworker pointed out that while watching her Facebook Live that she can tell Jodi really likes people.  She really seems to care about her friends.  It occurred to me that maybe not everyone knows who Jodi really is.  So when she couldn’t post a blog today I thought I would send her one to use.  She probably won’t post it but we’ll see.

She really does care.  Jodi has such a big heart.  Most know that she’s funny, she’s got an infectious laugh, and she likes to have fun on air.  She doesn’t share all of her stuff with everyone and I will try to respect that but I think you should know about it.

She does so much for her community.  She knows she is fortunate to be in the position she is in.  Having the ear of 100’s of thousands of people has a lot of benefits.  You’ve probably heard the radiothons on air for St. Jude.  This isn’t a task she has to perform.  She’s passionate about helping such an amazing organization.  She volunteers her time and spreads the word as much as possible.  She also helped me support Make-A-Wish, getting donations and getting the word out helping us raise a lot of money.  She tries to help with so many other charities like the Jayden Lamb foundation, the Tritt Foundation, Light the Night, and pretty much anyone who has a cause that tugs at her heart, she’s there, 100%.

That’s the part you won’t see.  That’s the part you won’t hear.  I’ve watched tears roll down her face when she heard heartbreaking stories of what kids have had to endure.  I’ve watched her get emotional over a donation, or an event that benefits someone.  She isn’t just doing a job.  She’s following her heart and feels so very deeply about the causes she supports.  She truly wants to give back to people.

Speaking of caring, you should see her with kids.  Now you might say she can relate to them because they are the same height, but she really does love kids.  The smile on her face when her granddaughters get happy to see her come into the room is from ear to ear!  She tries so hard to be with them as much as she can.  She even loves seeing my grandchildren.  They all seem to love her too!

She isn’t just a DJ on air for a radio station.  She really does love music.  She is especially fond of Country Music.  She is a fan, 100%.  I have watched her act like a little girl getting all excited to see someone on stage.  I’ve seen her be in awe at an artist’s talent.   She sings along with the songs as we drive down the road.  She doesn’t just enjoy a show.  She doesn’t just enjoy meeting artists.  She is really grateful that the position she is in affords her the opportunity to do these things.  She doesn’t just take advantage of it; she cherishes it and appreciates it.

She is also a human being.  She gets frustrated and even angry on occasion.  She takes it personal when someone takes advantage of her.  She might even get angry if someone mistreats her friends.  I sure wouldn’t want to cross her path if someone were misguided enough to hurt her children.  A person who has passion about anything usually is passionate about everything.  She balances that passion by relying on the wisdom she’s learned from her parents, her family and her friends.  If she doesn’t know, she’ll find out.  She can be driven in that way and it usually serves her well.  Usually!  She can be passionate about other things as well, but as Maximus says in Gladiator, “That is none of your business!”

She works harder than most.  She’s driven to be the best at whatever she does.  She cares for her family.  She is loyal and supportive of her friends.  She’s quick with a joke, quick to laugh, and always ready for a good time.  The Jodi K you hear on the air is Jodi.  She isn’t fake and doesn’t put on a show.  If anything she holds back some Jodi, mainly to keep her job!  She loves her listeners and even after 18 years still gets embarrassed when she’s recognized.  I’d call her humble, with an attitude!

If you get a chance to meet Jodi K enjoy it.  She’s a blast and you won’t regret it.  If you are fortunate enough to be in her circle of friends you have a great friend you can count on.  If she’s in your family you are blessed.  To be the love in her life, well again, “That’s none of your business!”  Thank you Jodi for being you!

Jodi K here: well, this will be my last blog!  I can’t top that!!  Lol (kidding)

Thank you Joe ❤

My goal has always been to make a difference in life, even if it is just one persons life. Looks like ive made a difference in his.

True story