Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving is coming!! Thanksgiving is coming!!

Thanksgiving will be extra special this year because I’m back home in Bay City with my kids!

I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family and sitting down to a great dinner with all the fixins’!

Each of my kids has a favorite dish that has to be made for Turkey Day!

My oldest Steven’s is Turkey! This kid will eat turkey 7 days a week if I made it!  His favorite restaurant is The Turkey Roost! (true story)

I’ve had turkey cooked so many ways but I will always choose being cooked in the oven just like mom did over all the other ways to cook a turkey.

Sure it’s very easy to put a turkey in a roaster and walk away.  I did that when I had a bunch of kids at the house because it just seemed to work out much easier and it got done faster. But, there is nothing more delicious to me than an oven roasted turkey!

Ashlynn loves the yams with the mini marshmallows in it! I don’t get that.  She is her fathers daughter…lol

My son Chad HAS to have green bean casserole! I used to HATE green bean casserole as a kid…now it’s my FAVORITE!!!  All these years wasted on not liking something so delicious!!  I could kick myself for missing out!  If I had a time machine I would change so many things, but going back and eating green bean casserole would be high on that list!

And last but not least, my baby Kennedy has a long list of must haves! Cheesy potatoes, mac & cheese, and don’t forget the black olives!!  I’m sure there are more, but I can’t remember.  I’ll rely on her to remind me 8,000 times before Thanksgiving.

I still stand by my childhood choice of not liking cranberry jelly or whatever it’s called coming out of a can in a clump!

I’m also looking forward to a small slice of pumpkin pie!

I’ve lost so much weight over the last 6 months and I’m going to try to go easy and not let my mind trick me by thinking “it’s the holidays, go crazy, eat what you want!”  I will eat what I want, but in smaller portions!  I’m really worried about after Thanksgiving and all the goodies that get made for Christmas…oh lord please give me the strength to control myself!

Let the festivities begin!!



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