On most android phones, you can schedule texts! (I did not know that) It’s pretty sweet and romantic when someone is going in for major surgery and their spouse gets an “I love you” text while they are under! KUDOS TO YOU R.M.

I learned that someone in Moose country has a loud comforter that makes it hard to sleep sometimes! Funniest story I heard all weekend! I need to see and hear this for myself soon!

I learned that at my age being in the pit at a country concert is cool because its up close… but at the same time standing for 5 hours hurts!! I will avoid being in the pit at all costs from now on!

I remembered how much I love Sams Club! I love Sams Club food samples the best! I tried almost everything and I wasn’t ashamed not to buy the product they were pushing! I was hungry after my 4 hour nap! ( I was very sleepy this weekend)

I learned that you don’t really know someone until you go to Walmart with them.

I learned that something as simple as grocery shopping is fun when you really like the person you are grocery shopping with!

I remembered how much I really really miss and love my cousins who came up to Michigan for a quick visit. I learned that I really need to make a trip to Florida to see them all soon to fully catch up!

I learned that my uncle has a padlock on his small beer cooler! (Only in Flint)

I learned that people will use you to make themselves feel important.  I learned when someone says “I’m just being honest” a lot, they are only trying to convince themselves that they are telling the truth….THEY ARE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

I learned that someone who texts the words “i just seen your message” makes me know without a doubt that you are uneducated and a liar because I “SAW” that you read the message minutes after it was sent! Dating a dumb lazy guy isn’t for me.

I learned that coming back to work after a great weekend is really really hard.



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