The United Way of Saginaw County celebrated 100 years of giving back to the community.

Area business and organization leaders gathered in the Morley room at Castle museum to recognize United Way for giving back to Saginaw County.

The Saginaw County United Way branch began in 1919, and to commemorate the occasion the museum will be adding an exhibit showcasing the impact the group has had on the community in areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability.

Awards were given out at the event recognizing groups and individuals that have been partnered with in order to address issues in the community.

Centennial Impact Awards for Mid Michigan Labor Council, Garber Management Group, United Auto Workers Region 1-D, and Mary Ellen Johnson

Group Recipients included

-Mid Michigan Labor Council

-Garber Management Group

-United Auto Workers Region 1-D

and Mary Ellen Johnson, who has been a partner with United Way for 38 years; all took home Centennial Impact Award.