Saginaw Public Schools has announced plans to start a strategic and transformation planning process this week.  The new initiative is to guide the district through a five-year plan to help develop new goals and strategies in offering an excellent education to students. It also seeks to transform the district into one of the premiere school systems in the state.

The district is looking for stakeholder input, including community members, parents, students, teacher and staff members, who will have the opportunity to give input on the strengths of Saginaw schools, opportunities for improvement, barriers for implementation and their own vision for the district.

Michigan Association of School Boards consultant Deb Macon will work with Saginaw Public Schools for the next three to six months to help develop the plan. A session on Wednesday August 21 will take place at the administration building board roam at 550 Millard Street starting at 2:00 P.M., with an administrator input session and a Board of Education input session. Following meetings take place September 16 and September 24.