Nicknames are such a thing in my family.

(Lightfoot/Kerry clan)

My mother and my father both called me “Jo”

My sister Andrea (ON) and my best friends growing up Michelle (Shell) and Tina (Teen) called me “Jode”
My current BFF Lisa (Liska) calls me “Odi K”

(BFF Liska & I years ago)
As you can see, I give them nicknames too!

My dad is named James but went by Jim. I was shocked when I emceed his 50th class reunion and everyone there called him “Jimmy”!! WHAT?

My mother’s first name is Roberta but went by “Bobbie Jo”

My baby brother’s legal first name is Murray yet we call him “Chris Allen”. My dad called him “Bawl Ass” until he was 5 (He apparently cried a lot) I didn’t know this, my uncle Terry told me. Speaking of my uncle Terry…almost all of us nieces and nephews don’t really call him Uncle Terry…He is “Terry Kerry” (His real name I swear to god) My brother Murray “Chris Allen” calls his son Christian “Allen”

(Chris Allen & I)

(Terry Kerry)

My baby sister is Robin and she was called “Witchy Poo”, my Aunt Sheri was “Witchy Poo” growing up too.

I call my niece Madison “Turok” because before she was born there was a promotion for the video game Turok giving $10,000 to parents of a newborn child  if they would name their child Turok for 1 year. My sister agreed to it until she found out is wasn’t cash but a scholarship. Turok used to hate when I called her that, she loves it now.

My kids have nicknames too.
Steven goes by Steev. We call Ashlynn “Ashie” except Kennedy who calls her “Bigga” (Stands for Big A) her husband Josh is now “Joshie”. Chad has always been called “Chadderbox”. Kennedy has many nicknames. “Ken”, “Kennie”, “Kendula”, “grad-zilla”, “preg-zilla”, “boob-zilla”, and just plain “Zilla”.

My mother was called “me-me” by just one kid (JT) all the other grandkids called her “grandma Bobbie”
I’ve followed her footsteps so far. My 2 year old granddaughter Novalee calls me “itsy” now. That was supposed to be her nickname because she loved “itsy bitsy spider”
I gave my granddaughter Audrey the nickname “cricket” because she’s petite and has a loud chirp!! She calls me Grandma Jodi.
Don’t know what the twins or baby Liam will call me yet…

It freaks me out when someone calls my boyfriend “Joey” I only know him as Joe.
I knew his dad by “Joe” too but some people called him “Guy”

My favorite nickname is Grby (pronounced Gerb-ee) I’ve called Joby Phillips Grby Williams (Grb for short) for almost 16 years. Why? Well, his first piece of mail here the Program Director was addressed to Grby Williams…thats why.
The new Engineer at work is named Jeremy but I call him Hodor. (Game of Thrones) Because I was holding the door for him one day and he never came back!

I’ve worked pretty hard to get the name “Jodi K” out there. YEARS. But whenever I went up north to visit my grandma Lightfoot at the American Legion in St. Helen, I’d walk in and she would light up like a Christmas Tree and say “This is my granddaughter, she’s famous” then some one would ask “What’s her name” my grandmother would proudly say…..
That name was given to me by my grandpa Lightfoot when I was only a couple hours old. <3

(Grandma & Grandpa Lightfoot)

So there ya have it! That’s my real name. I wear that name just as proudly as I wear my last name Kerry and my stage name Jodi K.